Help us build a community swimming pool for school children and the disabled

Support our school children, the disabled and others in our community by helping to build a community swimming pool.

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$1,600 towards $350,000

We are Funding to Help Our Children

In 2009 the Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council was formed for the purpose of purchasing and restoring the historic White Sulphur Springs Ranch located in Clio, California. This historic ranch, nestled in the Mohawk Valley, has been a family gathering place for this small rural mountain community for more than 160 years. When the ranch fell into disrepair and the community thought they were going to lose it, local residents formed a non-profit and purchased the ranch in 2010.

"Our goal is to preserve and restore this historic site for the benefit of the community." Our first project is to build a community swimming pool where school children, the disabled and others in our community will have a place to swim. We have some grant money for the pool but not enough to complete construction and we need your help to raise the additional funds for this important community project.

The terms of our grant require us to build the swimming pool in 2017 or we will lose the grant money we have worked so hard to raise.

You can help us build a community swimming pool by donating today. Your generous donation will help provide our small rural mountain community with a place for our school children and especially for the disabled to swim.

Large cities have the tax base to support community pools such as this, while small rural communities must raise the needed funds on their own. That is why we are asking for your help now to raise the needed funds by June 30, 2017.

Donating to a good cause makes us all feel good! ...... Supporting our children and the disabled makes us feel great!

Please help support this important community project and donate today.

Thank You